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The Porch DJ

The Porch DJ

DJ Cole Horne moved to his neighborhood at the start of the pandemic. That's when the porch attached to his studio apartment rental became his stage. This piece was produced by Alice Anderson, Chloe Cekada, and me as part of KCRW’s 24-Hour Radio Race. (2021)


Climate change is causing damage to beloved features at national parks

Climate change is causing damage to beloved features at national parks | NPR

A severe rainstorm destroyed a beloved trail at Acadia National Park. Now the National Park Service is trying to decide whether it makes sense to repair it as climate change brings more severe storms to park. (2021)


Maine Reckoning

Maine Reckoning | The Maine Monitor

Maine Reckoning reflects on the lives of Black Mainers since the George Floyd murder, asking a key question: Has anything changed? This podcast was produced by Tori Lyn and me. (2022)



Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, I went to a bench in Portland, ME, to ask strangers the same question: “What’s on your mind?” (2020)



March 2020

At the start of the pandemic, I asked friends and family to send me a picture that captured the moment for them. Then I asked them to tell me why.


You Can't Get There from Here

You Can't Get There from Here | Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

In 2019, states in the U.S. invested an average of five dollars per person to fund public transportation, while Maine spent eighty-six cents per person. I traveled from Portland to northern Maine on the bus, interviewing people along the way who rely on public transit to navigate the state. How does the public transit system serve them, and how does it fail them? (2019)


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